Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30 days of biking: April 9th: B-biking and the international fountain

Had a rehearsal in the morning and I still have not figured out how to carry the cello and the kids at the same time so, gotta get a vanagon again as the song says. Claire diligently and dutifully took the kids for the hour of lesson time and then we had the least expensive Vietnamese sandwiches I've ever had. North Seattle/Shoreline is so good for that.
Then I sent Claire back to work and took the kids home to get bikes, sunscreen (photo above may or may not be taken on the day in question) and family bike and went to meet Madi for a nice afternoon at the international fountain. Thorvald got wet for the first time on purpose in years and then we went to a very crowded skate park and the kids got right into the thick of things with all the skater boys.

Total biking distance ~1 mile

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