Monday, April 23, 2012

30 Days of Biking: April 19-23rd Cliff Notes

April 19th:  Rode to work as usual and in the morning took the kids to of all places, the Aquarium. Miles: 26.

April 20th: Picked up a kid's friend, V and got some driving time and practicing in and then took the kids to try out Musikgarten. The kids really liked it. Then we picked up Claire and they went to IKEA while I rode up to work and back. Mileage 20.

April 21st: Kidical Mass with Julian and many more. Left the wife and kids at the ride at the end at the Peddlers Fair.  Rode out to Bellevue to teach at AMNW from Ballard and then to rehearsal at UW which went super late. Rode something like 50 miles, pulling a trailer. Then late at night, took the bus back out to Ballard to pick up the Dummy and the kids bikes which were still locked up by the Ballard Bridge. Rode back over the bridge which even though it had a lane closure, I happened to ride over with a couple of fixie dudes headed to a party. It was a nice day.

April 22nd: This was fun. We rode to church together with T on the trail a bike with Claire, and A with me on the Dummy. Then we went to Discovery Park, then Myrtle Edwards, lunch at Anthony's, more play at Seattle Center with lots of tag and great popsicles. Wore the kids out but apparently not enough because they didn't go to bed until super late. Dan and Rebecca, two cycling travelers from New York-Davis CA came by and are staying with us for a couple of days. Total mileage around 20.

April 23rd: Took the kids to the blue heron rookery in Lawton then to the playground and biking with friends, then pho, the kids now full, nearly fell asleep on 15th west which despite what people in Magnolia will tell you, is just a glorified 7 lane freeway with dangerous cross traffic. Then after the kiddies had a little rest and relaxation, we met up with our guests and Claire at Der Berliner for Doner Kebabs. Then we rode over to Denny park to ride the zip line and play with a found jump rope. Kids got tired, went to sleep super well and I got the bike parking spot cleaned up for the first time in years. It was nice. Total mileage 16.

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Unknown said...

I'm a violinist and cyclist! I am biking across America with my doggy, Fiji, and violin, Anakin, beginning in April! I'm so excited. I hope to meet a lot of musicians/cyclists like you while I'm on the road.