Sunday, April 15, 2012

30 days of biking: April 15th: Rode to the concert and to church

Had a concert at Shoreline Community College today with Jensina Oliver and Robin Peery. This was something I have been practicing a lot for and it turned out great! The weather was fantastic and I biked up some rather sketchy roads, specifically 3rd Ave NW north of Holman Road which inexplicably has sharrows on it but has tons of traffic trying to escape the lights on Greenwood. It also has no shoulder and the drivers really think that anyone in their way is trespassing.

So I biked up into Magnolia for church and took the regular route up the Magnolia Bridge, then left early and had my mom take my place teaching the kiddies to sing. Then the ride up to Shoreline took about an hour. Played the concert, shook lots of hands, made some new friends, and helped people really appreciate Leonard Bernstein's later music. It was great.

Rode home, T was ready to go ride, and away we went to Seattle Center to play with cars and ride B-bikes. While there, we saw a flag football scrimmage and saw a private birthday party at the Children's Museum.

I was pretty spent and fell asleep before the kids did. They are up right now and it's 10:35. Claire let them nap. I think that I'll go back to bed and put the photos up tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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