Tuesday, April 3, 2012

30 days of biking: April 3rd, Community Center Tour

Three community centers in one day. No pictures and only biked to one of them, strangely, the hardest one to get to.

I signed up T and A into some community center classes. In the morning, we biked over on the tandem with the trailer to the Magnolia community center for basketball/soccer camp for little kids. Then we drove over to Queen Anne cc for a first swimming lesson. We took the van because we had to pick up Claire from work and the timing was tight. Then I was late and didn't feel very good anyway so I drove up to work for the first time in a month. After teaching, I drove to the Bryant community center to hear Sally Bagshaw give a great demonstration on the new Neighborhood Greenways plan, a horribly flawed plan that I hope works great and better than I fear.

Total mileage 3.5 miles.

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