Friday, October 10, 2008

Fake out ride 2008

It was a super nice day out today and so at around 4:20, I wrote everyone to see if they wanted to go out for an early autumn ride. I got some takers, so we decided to meet at 5 PM at the sculpture park. After I left, Steve wrote to say he would be late, and Ryan wrote to say he would be later. I didn't get the second post. I did catch that George was inviting people over for another girls night out. I wrote to say that I would meet him for the date. You can see where this is going.

Steve came up and being as it was 12 after, we waited for just a minute and took off. Steve was offering hot apple cider if we rode to his house and I was more than happy to take him up on it. We got along on our path and arrived at Steve's (5:50), and I found a message on my phone. We had left Ryan. Ryan I am so sorry about this and you were so nice about us ditching you. Faked out!

Steve welshed on the apple cider and instead served us hot chocolate. Faked out II!
Editor's note: Thorvald enjoyed playing with the Evans kids and the hot chocolate was just great.

George was nowhere to be found when I arrived at his house at 7. He had taken off already and was miles away at some restaurant. Fake out III!

I rode home on 15th, over the bridge, taking the whole lane, Thorvald chirping along, and we were home by 7:30.

Editor's note: George and the girls came over and we played and played.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hey, hey, it's a Saturday night!

It's guy's night out in Seattle as the coolest dads in the world get together for burgers, biking and showing the kids a good time. First up, we have George, Lucy, and Charlotte on bike number one, tearing it up and looking very Dutch. If anyone could take a tobogan, strap it to a bicycle, and create a revolution, it would be somebody from northern Europe. These bikes are fun to ride and seem to ride best with some weight in the front. Thanks to Lucy and Charlotte for providing the much needed ballast and for being very fun and helpful to the smaller boys.

And here are the aforementioned smaller boys. I was missing a trailer for this ride because I was set up for cello hauling instead of baby hauling so I took advantage of the excess capacity found in
Rob's trailer and shoehorned
Thorvald in with Jasper.

And we're off, cruising down Market. Yeah, my posse's on Market.... Baby!(s)

This in no way condones or approves of our failed attempts to get Thorvald to wear a helmet. Jasper has accepted them and Rob and Sarah should be congratulated for their due diligence. Still, it's fun to see the boys playing. They rode most of the ride each with a hand on that little train car. Detente.

And here, George wins the reflective war, sporting lights with reflectors, and reflective tires. I didn't get to mention earlier because of poor picture taking but also pictured are Steve and Asher who showed us their awesome downhill and climbing skills at the locks. Pictured from left to right: Rob, Thorvald, Jasper (both in trailer), Lucy, Charlotte, George, Steve, and Asher.