Thursday, May 13, 2010


I passed 55 lbs the other day. That is I am down 55 lbs in my weight. With that momentous number and the round number of 180 lbs upon which I have arrived, I bought some new pants and some new shirts.

It's kind of strange moving from xl-xxl down to M-L. It's weird still dropping from a 40 waist to a 32. I took forever to figure out clothing this time around but it feels great. I climb better, cruise along faster, and more people flirt more often.

So, I left this blog in a lurch as to my methods and thought I might spill the beans since everyone wants to lose weight. The answer is that there is an app for that. Yes, I have a calorie counter on my phone and I am not afraid to use it. There have been hiccups such as when the body doesn't want to lose anymore and becomes extremely efficient, but physics is on my side. The weight does go up and down but the general trend is negative, and that's a positive.

The biggest revelation is that I had really thought of myself as a big guy. Big boned, big needs. Big, big big. Weight loss has tempered that just a little bit and now I feel much more lithe. The whole ethic of consumption and allowing for MY NEEDS has changed for the better. I feel like I can withhold my own wants much more easily. It feels like I'm gaining what our grandparents used to call "self mastery".

So the calorie counter I use is Tap & Track for the iphone. I'm sure that they all work just fine but I can't argue with this one. I haven't lost as much as I had hoped (thinking that 70 lbs would come off by June 1st, silly me but close) but am on the right path. I don't limit the types of foods I eat and in fact had a little ice cream this evening but I sure do watch the portion sizes like a hawk. Like a hawk.

I would like to thank some very important people. First, Kent Peterson with whom I was listening a couple years ago about the health risks of belly fat while helping him out at Bike Works. Second, Claire, who has allowed me to more or less check out of the family feeding schedule and cater to my own caloric needs. She is a complete cheerleader in this quest and is totally supportive and loving, even loving the old me. I sure do hope that we can eat as a family again on a regular basis, but first, we need to spend some time together so that we can eat together. Third, Jan Heine, who writes fabulous words in Bicycle Quarterly and who provided me with perspective (unbeknown to him) as to how to ride faster and enjoy fast transportational cycling. Fourth, Marilyn Springgay, my aunt, who is also on a weight loss quest and is doing very well herself. And lastly, all the people who don't recognize me and pay the most wonderful compliments when they see me. It's nice to know that it's starting to show.

So, 55 lbs down and 15 to go. My scale was off so I had actually started at 235, and when I hit 165 in my scale, I will feel as though I have totally arrived. I'm planning on a full brevet season in July and August though and don't see myself making to that weight in time; I'm not continuing on the diet while riding a 200, 300, 400, and 600 kilometer set of rides but I do hope to maintain through that and then find the equilibrium after that. I have time, even my whole life so I can be patient.

But the big question is: should I buy that bike?