Saturday, September 24, 2011

Snoqualmie tunnel with two stylish women and four awesome kids

Blogger is stupid, in fact retarded as it places photos only at the top of a page so I'm going to follow in the stupidity and tell my story backwards, except that videos don't follow these stupid little blogger idiosyncrasies so that will happen out of reverse order:

We ended our trip after seeing the snow tunnel by riding back up the hill and through the tunnel.
Family Ride's R is super fast on his balance bike and I've got to say that wicker baskets totally take our plastic baskets to task.
Here is the mouth of the abyss. We had lights but a new technology employed this time was the hand held "flashlight" which worked great and allowed us to see surface features on the inside of the tunnels, including the doors, spaced every couple of decameters. Here we are also suiting up so to deal with the 50 degree cold and slight wind.
Leggings, sweaters, hats, and pacifiers, the stuff of any serious cycling family.
Here is Madi looking fabulous while all of us played around on the new sign for the tunnel.
Our trip begins this day when we are finally able to get three family bikes with baskets and seats onto an ostensibly three bike rear rack. I'm guessing the weight on the rear to be somewhere around 200 lbs. Madi's bike only slipped off once!

And of course, what do kids like to do during a big bike ride but contribute to soil erosion by throwing rocks off a hill and into a stream. Note the helmet use while playing. We really don't play that safe most of the time.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Val Kleitz Remembered (Labor Day Cargo Bike Ride)

This is just a piece of the many great memories I've had with Val Kleitz. Here we were on January 1st, 2011, perhaps the coldest day of the year, eating Pho and talking transportation politics. It's too bad that I only caught the last part of Val's brilliant edition, but him talking is what prompted me to start recording.

Come ride in his memory on Labor Day, 2011. The ride starts at 1 PM at 20/20 cycles in Seattle and goes more or less up through the U District. Kids are especially welcome and will be applauded if they ride or are towed, or however they come.

Val made me the cyclist I am. Ride on, good friend.

More info here