Saturday, April 14, 2012

30 days of biking: April 13th: Visit to the Shoe Bank and two concerts

This is the shoe bank. It's where little 3 year old girls leave their shoes so that doting fathers and come up with a pretext to take another bike ride. This bank also doubles as the parking lot for the Washington Museum of History and Industry or MOHAI. We had come here for a 520 bridge meeting the day before but had left a shoe in the parking lot. People don't seem to steal kids shoes and when I went back the next morning, it was still happily there and waiting for me.

I rode down to MOHAI with Ansgar with whom we have had some nice bike tours. He takes the bus to the Soft, and I was trying to find a shoe and a pump bracket. I went home and practiced my cello and then raced up to spend the afternoon with the family before T's piano recital.
This is T at his piano recital. He played very well and I was proud of the little guy. The concert took place at Sherman Clay Pianos and Claire dropped us off after cancelling due to an inconsolable, shoe losing, toy dropping, face scratching 3 year old demanded her complete attention. We then bused home and got doughnuts, and then bused some more.
Here is the best part. I had a concert down town and had arranged for child care so that Claire could come with. We biked down together through Mariners traffic and I played the show, which wasn't too great but will be better next week when we have our official CD release party. Riding together on a date reminds me of before we were married. In fact, Claire is still riding the same bike as in those salad days.

Total miles: 18

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54 canoe said...

Funny... Mojave kicked off his shoe from the back of the BigD yesterday. A mom pushing a stroller on the sidewalk alerted me to the fallen shoe.