Wednesday, April 18, 2012

30 days of biking: April 16th: B-bikes

This was substantially before today's ride but it underlines the fun biking T and A are getting in these days. We went down to the skate park and it was super busy with the typical juvenile delinquent types who try to strafe T just to get him off the park, but T was having none of it and I had to pull him off the park when A had to pee. Bathroom breaks are the lowest common denominator in the life of a parent of young children.

I can't really picture where I went or what I did Monday but it was super fun and bikes were ridden. Wait, we went to the library twice and had lunch with Claire. We found some cool piano teachers for T and then it was the Seattle Center and children's museum where the kids got to play Ladybug Girl just like the books.

Then it was off to Alchymeia rehearsal preparation where we have a CD release party Friday night at Empty Sea Studios in Phinney. Took the electric cello, effects processor, stand, music, and cables in much less space and just a little more weight than I have with the large cello.

Mileage 6 with the kids and 11 for rehearsal

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