Thursday, April 5, 2012

30 days of biking: April 4th: First Day to School

The kids have been getting off easy this year because I've taken over the teaching position of a friend who is on maternity leave. Therefore, to save a little bit of time and help Claire get the work done that she needs, I've been driving the kids to and from preschool.
Until now.
I hitched up the tandem to the trailer and offered the second seat to T who politely relegated himself to the trailer with his dear sister. We pulled out and up the ramp and I remarked to myself on the amazing traction of dry concrete, even when riding an unloaded tandem on it. It's a late Burley tandem with OX platinum tubing and I'll be darned if it doesn't feel faster than my Surly single bikes.
I rolled up to preschool and unloaded the kids. We had an extra breakfast and then I rode back home, but first picked up some goodies for the bikes, namely a cable set, some bar tape for the cello bike, and another pump bracket so that all my bikes will elegantly hold a pump.
Did some cleaning, loaded four kids bikes into the van, then drove it up to preschool where I picked up mine plus one more for a playdate. Then to Claire's and then they dropped me off to pick up my bike and cello for work. Rode up to Lakeside, taught some kids to play the cello, rode to my offsite lesson, then home again by 7:30, all in time to figure out my business profit/loss for 2011. I waited perhaps a little to long to do my taxes. But the end is in sight.
Total mileage 32 miles (12 round trip to preschool, 20 round trip to Lakeside). My body feels much better.

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