Saturday, April 7, 2012

30 days of biking: April 6th: Family Bike and Sightseeing

Had a long day teaching but didn't need to take a cello. Had to get the kids to school but didn't want to drive. Enter the family bike. It's been pretty cold so I haven't used it but took it out this morning and froze the kids. On the way there, we saw a construction site that was laying a concrete sidewalk. We stayed for a while and the workers liked it.
Then we came upon Ravenna Blvd and discovered the wonders of the RX-700 Asphalt Scraper. That sucker is loud!
Got the kids to school eventually. We were very late. Then rode to Lakeside where I gave notice for next year. I've really enjoyed the forced exercise that riding 20 miles each day to work and back puts into my body, but I'm looking for some other challenges, this time musical.

Total mileage: 20 miles

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