Wednesday, April 18, 2012

30 days of biking: April 17th: Full day of activities

Sometimes I take the sidewalk on a big uphill. Whew! Dravus east of 15th West.

Putzed around the morning until 9:30 and then took off or Soccer/basketball practice for T and one on one with A. After, we had lunch and went to Discovery park where T and I got into some stinging nettles but T handled it really well and before you knew it, he was swinging on the swings and ready for play.

We stopped for corn dogs at the Interbay QFC and then marched, or dragged the kids up Dravus and onto Queen Anne for swimming lessons.
Ran into Bonnie Rough who is a dedicated cycling mom and had a fun chat about varying styles and qualities of box bikes, then we carefully coasted down Q.A> ave and made it to Seattle Center where we warmed up and saw the coolest fire show ever where somebody put a P.A. speaker next to a flame and got it to change intensities with the sound.

T schooled me at checkers and then we both helped somebody's younger brother get back into the game of a chess and then called in some really tasty pizza.

The kids went down late and so perhaps the morning will be nice and slow and I can get some photos put in where I want them.

Mileage: 9. Trailer was used because the kids are getting tired of the rain, and frankly, I'm looking forward to some sun too.

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