Friday, April 13, 2012

30 days of biking: April 12th: A day of driving with a quick spin to rehearsal

Had the kids from dawn to dusk. They were marvelous. We made it to school on time even though they woke up about an hour later than usual, we had a great playdate during the crummiest part of the day and the wind was powerful and cold but the kids did their extra Easter Egg Hunt at Golden Gardens and there you go.

But I didn't get to ride until late. Funny story though, while exiting Golden Gardens, Jan Heine pulls up to the stop sign. I yell that I'm giving him right of way and he turns around and races back up the hill. T recognized that we both have the same Seattle Randonneurs jersey and so we followed him up the hill at 12-20 mph on the switchbacks up from Golden Gardens. It was fun. I did my best Phil Liggett impersonation and yelled things like "he's opening up his suitcase of courage" and the similar, which I hope Jan appreciated. When we reached the top, I got all the kids to scream and yell and I honked the horn and cheered something about a polk dot jersey coming his way and he waved us on, smiling as we passed. At least, I hope that he's still smiling.

I had a rehearsal in West Seattle later tonight and even though I was super late, I just needed to get on the bike. It was perfect; ran into Kole Kantner and we rode from Alaskan Way to Delridge, chatting and cheering each other on. Another great rider.

Mileage must have been somewhere around 13 or so.

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