Monday, August 4, 2008

More Photos from the Issaquah Easton Blitz

This is Kent. This is Kent with pants unzipped and rolled into his rear pocket.Here we are on the first part of Iron Horse Trail where a new sewer (purpose? new development?) is being put in.

On the way out of Easton, not wanting to backtrack, we crossed over a slough,
Hiked up the hill past the bridgeAnd then toddled down a hill with our bikes as hiking poles to steady us.
A fantastic paint job on the outhouses along the way. I love the orange, not sure about the white accents.
Action shot through the forest: Tokul Tunnel
Back at Kent's place.

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Eric Farmer said...

You guys have all the fun! I miss the the old stompin' grounds from my younger days in Redmond. Maybe when I get stronger on the hill climbing I'll come over and join you on one of those beautiful "wet side of the state" rides. Thanks for sharing the pics and the map!