Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Making a habit of a hobby

So I like to bike. That much is probably pretty obvious by now. These 6 AM bike rides through the summer have been divine. I'm actually using a bike without fenders. I feel so sporty, so Italian, so racy. I know all you cats out there already know about the light, airy feeling of riding without fenders, but this is new to me. Of my 6 bicycles, 5 have full fenders. 4 have generator lights. One has battery lights and one, the bike without fenders, has no lights at all. I don't feel real great about riding in the early morning without lights so I'll take care of that today, but dang, I understand why you all go out there with the lightest, least complicated (except for frame materials and gears) bikes you can find.

I'm learning.

Oh incidentally, I'm going to expand the morning rides through August. Meet me Thursday, August 7th at the I-90 bridge overlook at 6 AM for some fun times over Mercer Island. Then see me again on Friday, Saturday, heck, let's do this every day. I need to get trained up for this ride coming up soon.

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