Sunday, August 3, 2008

Issaquah to Ensign Ranch and back with Kent Peterson in 24 hours, 47 minutes, and a good night's sleep to boot

Issaquah to Easton in three easy steps:

First step: Get to Issaquah when the Blue Angels have cut off the freeway so they can act like a bunch of critical mass cyclists. Half hour becomes two hours.

Second step: Grab Kent Peterson (the only man hearty enough, in this case, something of an internet cycling legend) and ride up through to High Point Road, down the freeway to Snoqualmie, onto Fall City Road, up the Cedar River Trail, over some large pipes and onto the Iron Horse Trail, up over Snoqualmie Pass (through the tunnel), down past Lake Easton and into Easton, past Easton to Golf Course Road (still on the gravel), let it get dark, backtrack onto Hundley Road and into Ensign Ranch.

Third Step: Kiss lovely wife who happens to be waiting for you and has saved two plates of food from the rest of the church campout people.

For Easton to Issaquah, reverse order, just like a Chilton car repair manual except: stop in Easton to get Kent some coffee, determine the best cyclocross "rundown" you can find after crossing the slough, stop at the pass to help a rider with a tire blowout (not the tube, the tire)

Best of all, take some extraneous hills at the end just make the route complete. How do you screen shot a gmap route and turn it into a picture to put on your blog anyway?

Photos, courtesy of Kent Peterson. Mine are coming in a while.


Joe said...

The print screen button in windows will take a picture of the entire screen. Windows will put it in the clipboard and you can past it into some graphics editing program.

cmd-shift-4 will allow you to take a picture of just part of the screen in mac os x. OS X will save it on the desktop.

Google for "screen capture". I'm sure you'll find more options.

Freth :0p said...

In Mac OS X there is a little utility called "Grab." With it you can grab a picture of an entire window ... or merely a selected portion of a window or portion of the screen. It saves them in TIFF format. Then you can "Preview" them and do a "save as" in JPEG format. And "ColorSync Utility" allows you to adjust the size of the image.