Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ride Reports for Tuesday and Wednesday

Let's just say things were interesting.

I spent the afternoon with Thorvald and we went up to the Queen Anne Community Center to play in the toddler room. He discovered that he really likes it when daddy zooms the trucks. I just realized that if I'm taking my kid(s) to school over at Coe elementary school then I'm either going to become a super fantastic climber or I need much lower gears, or I'm going to start walking. We live at the bottom of Queen Anne Hill and Coe is, is, is, at the top. Perhaps by the time Thor is in school, this will be built. We can only hope.

We then picked up a cello bow I was having rehaired and we coasted back down to our place. Thorvald was getting sleepy so I took advantage of it and did a little workout ride before the 5:30 ride.

At 5:30, Claire came down to take Thor and Steve called saying he was ready to roll. I coasted down to the IDX building and found Steve, but not before chatting with Peter Lagerway who runs the Seattle DOT bicycle division. We bemoaned that cycling is a middle aged white guy sport and then my middle aged white guy friend (ok, we're both 35) showed up and we took off.

The first hill was Cherry which is a complete joy for cycling and then we cut through SU and up onto 19th and then the tunnel where I clipped back to pick up Thorvald. After about half an hour Steve called to mention that he got hit by a car. He's not seriously injured but we'll see. You can send him get well messages here.

This morning was fine. Ryan showed up at 6 and I was there jus a minute later. We trudged up and around Magnolia and then back to my place for breakfast. Ryan is bacheloring it for the week and I had fresh bread from the day before to show off. Not much to say there except that an hour and a half of riding in the morning sure does make for a good rest of the day.

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